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Panty sniffing - confessionpost.com

Panty sniffing. I loved to sniff soiled panties. When I go to other peoples home I like to raid their dirty clothes hampers to find soiled panties to sniff. Little girl panties are the best; the fragrance is awesome. By Anonymous Dec 18, 2011

Ladies thoughts on panty sniffing | Bluelight.org

In most cases you'd never know if a man has been huffing panties (unless he's caught in the act). I'd say most guys who have sniffed a pair did so in secret. It's generally a guilty pleasure - a spontaneous blunder in a moment of weakness.

I Caught My Brother's Friend Sniffing My Panties - Romance ...

Sniffing strangers' panties and stealing their panties & bras are normal to most teenagers?? LOL, what? Say what? And even if, even if most teenagers out there sniff + steal women's bras & panties, that does not make their behaviour normal. Many people out there commit murder, steal, vandalize and so on.

Sister in law panty sniffing - confessionpost.com

Sister in law panty sniffing. I was married 29 yrars to a very sexy lady. She was 17 when we me and I took her virginty. She was 5'4" 105 lbs with 34 b b******. She was known in her small town for sucking older men but never giving it up. She was the hairest lady I had ever had s** with. She had juvinile diabetis since 11 yrs old.

I sniffed my sister's panties...

Second, I would find my sister's panties from the previous day. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth and, sometimes, seventh, I would masturbate while tasting and smelling and dancing around with my sister's panties covering my face. It was a wonderful life. Then my sister left for college and, likewise, so did her panties.

Is it weird to smell 13 year old panties? - Answers

depends how old you are if you are a teen then it is hormones. if you are an adult go smell some womans panties not a 13 yr old girls to smell 13 yr old panties may be but to smell A 13 yr olds ...

Horny Brandi Love caught stepson sniffing her underwear - YouTube

Brandi Love caught stepson sniffing her underwearBrandi Love

Do girls like the thought of guys smelling their panties?

I used to lick the crotch and ass of my sisters panties all the time it was like viagra for a teenager!!! my penis would feel like a basebal bat and the smell after licking them a bit was great I would dream of eating some girl from my school and stroke my penis and try to taste the secretions on the panties teenager really REALLY need to smell and taste pussy


pussy stains that are wonderful to sniff. Nothing here yet. You can save a photo or video to a gallery from its detail page, or choose from your faves here.

Have you ever sniffed a girls panties?

Re: Have you ever sniffed a girls panties? Back in the day my boy's older sister caught his friend sniffing hers, straight walked in on him while he was creeping in her room. From that day on his nickname changed from "Scarface" (flew through his windshield in a car accident and cut up his forehead) to "Sniffs" lol.